Inherit Forum

Jewish Perspectives on Health & Wellness

Our Inherit Forum from February 2022. We talked with three Jewish health professionals about the biggest misconceptions about the fitness industry, the intersection of spiritual and physical well-being, and how to cultivate motivation towards our own healthy lifestyles.

Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan became a competitive gymnast at the age of twelve and continued to train and compete for ten years. He has been certified in sports nutrition and plant-based nutrition and through the American Council of Exercise as a personal fitness trainer, working with clients in Los Angeles and Israel. He currently works in outreach and media with Jews for Jesus in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Ariel Szilagyi

Ariel Szilagyi is a nationally recognized Health Optimization Expert, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), and San Francisco’s Premier Longevity-Focused Personal Trainer. She uses sustainable, science-based strategies to help high-achieving professionals around the globe reverse burnout and regain their energy, drive, and professional zeal without resigning themselves to doing less.

Hadar Frank Davidson

Hadar Frank Davidson is a registered Nutritionist and Doula in Israel. Both at her private nutrition clinic and at her local hospital’s maternity and psychiatric wards, she and her clients work together to find a balanced, healthy, and peaceful relationship between their bodies and food. As a Doula, Hadar supports couples during pregnancy, advises on birthing strategy, and assists the mother during labor, breastfeeding, and postpartum. Hadar and her husband, Shaul, live in Kibutz Baram in northern Israel with their two children, Ori and Itamar.