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Passing on Jewish Tradition

Why is tradition important, and what does it look like for me? We talked with a rabbi and a rebbetzin about this topic—both of whom have contributed to the landscape of Jewish life and learning about the important topic of passing on tradition. And together we explored the practical, cultural, and spiritual significance of sharing our Jewish tradition.

Ari Waldman

Ari Waldman is the Senior Rabbi of Baruch HaShem Messianic Congregation in Dallas, Texas. A husband, father, and native Texan, Rabbi Waldman also serves on the United States board of Maoz Israel. He strives to build community among Messianic Jewish congregations and to support local churches exploring the Jewish roots of their faith.

Candyce Hyslip

Candyce Hyslip is a Messianic Jewish Rebbetzin, speaker, and the founder of Tent & Table. Located in Phoenix with her husband and five children, Hyslip is an advocate for bringing greater health, transparency, and understanding into our relationships and our communities, approaching difficult conversations with vulnerability, and using Jewish tradition to deepen our understanding of God and one another.